Sound module for stuffed animals

The sound module for stuffed animals makes it really easy to record your spoken message!

Placed inside every stuffed animal is a sound module kept in place with a velcro fastener. The sound module is a recorder shaped like a heart, on which you can record your own voice. You can record your voice for a maximum of 20 seconds. After you have recorded your message you place the sound module back inside the stuffed animal. Everytime the stuffed animal gets a squeeze or hug your message will be played. The perfect combination of an amazingly soft and large stuffed animal (45 cm) with a personalised message.

The sound module is provided with batteries and can be used immediatly. The batteries are placed behind a cover closed up with a screw, so small children can not reach them. At the moment of purchasing you will find a little plastic label sticking out of the battery cover. This will need to be removed before the sound module can be used.

User manual

1.  Remove the sound module (red heart) from the back cover of the stuffed animal.

2. Slide the switch on the side of the module to the right to “REC” (record)

3. Press and hold the big heart button whilst recording your message (for a maximum of 20 seconds). Release the button when you are finished. Made a mistake during the recording? No problem, you can just record a new message.

4. Slide the switch on the side of the module to te left to “PLAY“. Press the heart button to listen to your message.

5. Place the heart back inside the stuffed animal, close the cover and you are done!

Geluidsmodule voor gesproken bericht knuffel

As you can see, the recording of a message is really simple and can be easily done at home. The other available option is to submit your spoken message to us online. This way we can record your message and place it in the stuffed animal for you and send the gift directly to the lucky receiver. This makes it possible to give a personalised gift, even when you are not in a position of giving it in person. More information can be found here.