Stuffed animal with a spoken message

Get a big stuffed animal with a spoken message as a gift!

A big stuffed animal of 45 cm (sitting height 35 cm) with a spoken message is the best gift right now. The stuffed animals of Message in a Cuddle are not like any other stuffed animals, for they carry with them a sweet message.The stuffed animals are the perfect combination of the emotional feeling you get when listening to a personalised spoken message and the cute, soft feeling of hugging a stuffed animal. The perfect way to give someone a personalised and unique gift they will never forget.

Hidden inside every stuffed animal is a sound module, making it possible to play a personalised message. You can record your own message easily and everytime the stuffed animal gets squeezed gently your message will be heard.
All of this makes it the gift that your father, mother, special someone, dear friend or family member will never forget! A stuffed animal with your voice is a unique, one-of-a-kind gift.

Knuffel met gesproken bericht d.m.v. een geluidsmodule.

The different stuffed animals

Besides the classic teddy bear there are several different models available in the shop. This makes it possible to combine your spoken message with the receivers favourite animal. Some examples of the animals available are a Panda, Duck, Giraffe, Monkey and many more. Every stuffed animal comes with a sound module to record your message with. Check out all the different animals in our shop!

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Gift in person or send directly to their home

One option is getting the stuffed animal delivered to your home, record your own personal message and present your gift to your loved one in person. Your message will play when the stuffed animal gets hugged. When it is impossible for you to present your gift in person, because you live too far away perhaps, we have a second option for you. At Message in a Cuddle it is also possible to submit your message online, after which we will import the message in the stuffed animal of your choosing. We will send the stuffed animal directly to the lucky receiver with your voice already recorded.

A more detailed description about this can be found here